MAV Equality



This application has been designed by the Association of Women in the Visual Arts MAV, with a team of experts, as a useful tool for museums that want to perform a self-diagnosis, which helps them to check and visualize in what parameters they comply or not with equality and respect for diversity in society.

What has the MAV Equality Tool been designed for?

The MAV Equality Tool has been designed for the following purposes:

  1. To get museums and art centers to carry out their own self-diagnosis and become aware of the pending tasks to comply with the Equality required by any democratic system.
  2. To quantify to what extent the parameters that lead us to understand museums and art centers as spaces that care for equality and respect for a diverse society are fulfilled.
  3. To reveal whether the narratives and knowledge transmitted from museums and art centers, as well as the different actions to share experiences, correspond to the interests of a democratic society.
  4. To propose solutions in a collaborative and participative way to improve Equality both in the procedures and in the results of museums and art centers.
  5. To promote a network of Museums and Art Centers that work with Equality as a premise and fundamental part of their code of good practices.

Once the self-diagnosis questionnaire has been completed, you will receive a report with our comments, suggestions and a final assessment that we hope will help Museums and Art Centers to improve their practices in favor of Equality.

Registration and access to the tool

All Museums and Art Centers interested in carrying out their own self-diagnosis can request access to the tool through this form. Once accredited, you will receive the necessary login credentials to access the questionnaire as well as the contact details of the person assigned to assist you throughout the entire process.

If you already have login credentials, you can access the Tool through this link.

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